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Defense Innovation Proving Grounds (DIPG-WV)

Through its affiliation with the University and partnerships with other resources within West Virginia, WVUIC can support a variety of contract-based work using multiple facilities, equipment and infrastructure. Those include:

caffee location map


  • Engine emissions
  • Alternative fuels
  • Alternative energy systems

130th & 167thAirlift Wings

  • Aerial ISR testing

Center for National Response

  • WMD training
  • Counter-terrorism testing and training facility

Green Bank

  • Antenna test and evaluation
  • Multi-platform interoperability test and evaluation
  • Officially designated National Radio Quiet Zone

Sugar Grove

  • Officially designated National Radio Quiet Zone

Camp Dawson

  • UGV/UAV test and evaluation
  • EOD/C-IED test and evaluation
  • IW training
  • Data center/SCIF 

Summit Point Automotive Research Center

  • Mobility track infrastructure anti-terrorist training facility

Information regarding the Coronavirus and WVU, WVURC & WVUIC's response

WVU Innovation Corp. is concerned about the safety and health of our employees and their families at this critical time. Basic information can be found on our employee page.

For more detailed information, please visit