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Defense Innovation Proving Grounds (DIPG-WV)

Through its affiliation with the University and partnerships with other resources within West Virginia, WVUIC can support a variety of contract-based work using multiple facilities, equipment and infrastructure. Those include:

caffee location map


  • Engine emissions
  • Alternative fuels
  • Alternative energy systems

130th & 167thAirlift Wings

  • Aerial ISR testing

Center for National Response

  • WMD training
  • Counter-terrorism testing and training facility

Green Bank

  • Antenna test and evaluation
  • Multi-platform interoperability test and evaluation
  • Officially designated National Radio Quiet Zone

Sugar Grove

  • Officially designated National Radio Quiet Zone

Camp Dawson

  • UGV/UAV test and evaluation
  • EOD/C-IED test and evaluation
  • IW training
  • Data center/SCIF 

Summit Point Automotive Research Center

  • Mobility track infrastructure anti-terrorist training facility

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