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WVUIC is an independent, non-profit applied research corporation founded in July 2015 to provide technical solutions, subject matter expertise, and testing and evaluation services for government and industry customers.

WVUIC’s affiliation with West Virginia University builds upon a well-established portfolio of university-based research areas, providing access to subject matter experts with a wide range of skills, and to specialized equipment and secure testing facilities.

WVUIC Mission Statement

WVUIC's mission is to solve emerging government and industry challenges by delivering innovative, applied research and technical solutions through an agile, non-traditional approach.

WVUIC Vision

WVUIC strives to be recognized as the premier applied research partner for government and industry, operating with unsurpassed integrity while producing measurable value and high-quality results that are focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

WVUIC Core Values

  • Entrepreneurial culture
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Collaboration approach
  • Recognize/share success

Work With Us

WVU Innovation Corp. is customer-centered, responsive and eager to serve. Let us review your project needs.