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  • Matt Harbaugh

    Executive Director

    Matt Harbaugh (JD, MBA) serves as the Executive Director of the West Virginia University Innovation Corporation, an applied research corporation that partners with government and industry to develop, test, evaluate and commercialize new technologies. Matt also leads WVU's Office of Transformation, developing innovative strategies and partnerships to advance the university's overall mission, improve operations, generate revenue and enhance the value of university assets.

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  • Zenovy Wowczuk

    Chief Technology Officer


    Dr. Zenovy Wowczuk is currently the Chief Technology Officer at the West Virginia University Innovation Corporation (WVUIC), where he conducts WVU's defense-focused, applied research organization. In this leadership role, he guides WVUIC's technical vision, research and development (R&D) activities, and all aspects of the entity's technological development, road map, and growth. He also oversees program execution across WVUIC's portfolio of applied research activities.

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  • David Satterfield

    Facility Security Officer


    David Satterfield is Director of Asset Development for the Office of Research and Economic Development at West Virginia University and a tenured Associate Professor in the School of Music. Mr. Satterfield also serves as the Assistant to the Director of the WVU Manufacturing Extension Partnership, as well as the Facility Security Officer for WVU and the WVU Innovation Corporation.

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  • Rossi Wiles

    General Counsel


    Rossi Wiles has been Associate General Counsel at WVU since August 2008 and has been with the University since 2005. He previously served as Director of Contracting. His current work focuses on federal and state regulatory compliance, real estate transactions, procurement and contracting, employment, construction and commercial financing.

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  • Anjali Halabe

    Assistant Treasurer


    Anjali Halabe serves as the Assistant Treasurer of the West Virginia University Innovation Corporation, overseeing the day-to-day business and fiscal operations and assisting the Treasurer with corporate fiduciary and financial functions.

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  • Julia Robb

    Corporate Business Manager

    304- 293-6741

    Julia Robb is the Corporate Business Manager of West Virginia University Innovation Corporation. She is responsible for day-to-day operations in Human Resources, Payroll, Procurement, Banking, Accounting and Finance.

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